KU Student Affairs provides exceptional programs, services, and facilities that engage students beyond the classroom and make learning possible. Our giving opportunities reflect our dedication to encourage students to connect with their community, celebrate their identities, and prioritize their well-being.

Connecting with the Community: The Carroll Edwards KU Bookstore Student Course Materials Fund
Students unable to purchase required course books and materials are at greater risk of leaving our campus community before graduation. Fortunately, starting fall 2024, enrolled students can request financial assistance through The KU Bookstore Student Course Materials Fund. Your gift will help put textbooks in the hands of University of Kansas students. Even better, upon reaching the donation goal of $50,000, an anonymous donor will make a matching $50,000 gift.

Celebrating Identities: The Pregnant and Parenting Resource Pantry Fund
Every student’s journey is different, and some include pursuing a degree while raising a family. The Emily Taylor Center for Women and Gender Equity’s Pregnant & Parenting Resource Pantry provides essential resources for pregnant and/or parenting students and their children. Eight onesies, 24 bottles of infant formula, or eight packs of baby diaper wipes could be provided to parents of young children with the help of one $50 gift.

Prioritizing Well-being: The Watkins Patient Assistance Fund
All KU students should have access to the healthcare they need. Unfortunately, many students in need of medical assistance put off making an appointment because of the cost. With the Watkins Patient Assistance Fund, students can apply for assistance with a Watkins Health Services bill. One $50 gift can help a student afford medications, lab work, imaging, CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) therapy visits, or other necessary medical procedures.

Meeting Basic Needs: The Campus Cupboard Fund
The needs of Jayhawks must be met to maintain a positive learning environment. The Campus Cupboard, located in the Kansas Union, provides food and toiletries to University of Kansas students through community support. With a 40% increase in monthly visits to the Campus Cupboard, there has been a high demand for fresh and frozen food items. Donations through One Day. One KU. helps the Campus Cupboard provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and allergen-friendly food to the campus community.

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