Milkweeds for Monarchs!

Monarch caterpillars need milkweed leaves for food and milkweed flowers provide nectar for monarch butterflies and many other pollinators. Please join Monarch Watch in getting more milkweed plants in the ground by making a donation today.

Through all of our programs, Monarch Watch has distributed more than one million milkweeds since 2010. This includes programs that provide free native milkweeds to schools, nonprofits, and habitat restoration projects. Your help is needed to extend and expand these programs – with additional funds we can distribute even more free milkweed plants.

Your One Day. One KU. donation will be used to:

  • provide free native milkweeds for school gardens.
  • provide free native milkweeds for nonprofit gardens.
  • provide free native milkweeds for habitat restoration projects.

Monarch Watch engages more than 100,000 people each year and has become a leader in efforts to sustain the monarch migration. Your support will have a lasting impact on monarchs and those dedicated to their conservation. Thank you!

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