For 160 years, the mission of the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS), a KU dedicated research center, has remained consistent – to conduct geologic studies, to produce beneficial research insights, and to preserve and disseminate that information for planning and education purposes. Its scientists monitor earthquakes and groundwater levels, investigate water-quality concerns, identify the state’s geological resources, help to develop energy resources, and provide educational resources to the public and K-12 classrooms.

Your One Day. One KU. gift will truly impact the KGS research, education, and service mission. Please consider a gift for the following funding priority:

Support the KGS Drill Core Library and W. Lynn Watney Laboratory
The KGS houses an enormous and priceless collection of approximately 70,000 core samples from 5,500 wells from the State of Kansas. Researchers from across the state, region, and globe come to KU to examine and conduct tests on these rocks. This is the most important way researchers can understand the conditions of ground water aquifers and geological units that are hundreds or even thousands of feet below the surface.

The core repository has outgrown its facilities. A new facility, the W. Lynn Watney Laboratory, which will be completed in 2025, will house a growing collection of cores and analytical equipment. The facility will also provide lab and presentation space for workshops and educational events.

Gifts to the Drill Core Library will support continued research and outreach through purchase of equipment needed in the facility including examination tables, projection equipment, and shelving.

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